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Dress like a Gentleman. In every man’s wardrobe there should be at least one pair of sophisticated footwear. Whether it’s for a rare special occasion or for everyday work attire, the foundation of a Gentleman’s style starts with a proper leather dress shoe. That’s why we compiled this list for your consideration before choosing your […]

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The following list of Alternative fashion boots for men will definitely make you stand out above the crowd. K+N have carefully selected these 6 boot styles because we believe it fits the criteria for men’s alternative shoe fashion. Watch as you turn heads while walking down the street with shoes that are designed to bring […]

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Good day Gents, Welcome to Knot + Nixx – Men’s Fashion & Shoe Variety. Shop a variety of High quality shoe styles hand selected from the best men’s fashion brands in the industry, and wear it with your own desired street-wear and formal looks. K + N wants you to be comfortable with your own […]

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