Men’s All Leather Summer Sandals

Dating back to the Ancient Roman civilization, men’s all leather sandals were a common foot accessory because it was easy to manufacture and requires less material than a normal closed shoe. The Gladiator sandal also referred to as the Roman sandal, is usually constructed with a leather sole tied to the base of the foot with multiple leather straps around the insole and sometimes around the ankle.

The Gladiator/Roman sandal is an open shoe that’s ideal for warmer climates, and was originally designed to prevent athletes foot by keeping the feet dry with air ventilation. Its simple yet intricate design is still popular in modern society and has evolved greatly into different versions and styles in the men’s fashion industry.

K+N has compiled a list of 5 gladiator sandals for men, to showcase the wide variety in the current marketplace and matched it with complimentary looks for different occasions for your reference. The main purpose of this list is to help you with inspiration when shopping men’s summer sandals.

1. The Birkenstock – Roman Sandal


Made of natural renewable materials such as suede, jute, latex and cork; The Birkenstock Roman sandal’s footbed molds itself to the wearer’s foot aiding in extra support while remaining pleasantly soft, absorbent and breathable. This proves to be the perfect sandal for men with sensitive feet suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

The Birkenstock Roman Sandal appears to be the fan favourite among many men with its simple yet elegant design and is compatible with most casual streetwear looks.  The K+N favourite is pairing this open toe shoe with a Cargo trouser rolled up above the ankle with a crisp white loosely buttoned up shirt and rolled up sleeves to create a simple casual outfit for men. Wear this outfit for a leisure stroll along the beach with a companion or just down the street to the nearest pub for drinks.

2. The Birkenstock Gizeh


If you prefer a flip-flop sandal design, then the Birkenstock Gizeh is perfect for you. Carefully constructed of the same natural materials as the Birkenstock Roman Sandal, you won’t lose out on the support and comfort it provides for men with sensitive feet. This thong strap open toe shoe compliments any style from casual beachwear to semi-casual streetwear.

The K+N favourite is pairing this Roman flip-flop summer sandal with an Indigo Slim denim, a white crewneck and fitted blazer for a semi-casual streetwear look that’s simple and elegant. The Birkenstock Gizeh is a summer sandal for men you can wear in the streets with confidence knowing you look polished while feeling comfortable.

3. The Iconic Gladiator Sandal


Inspired by the original Gladiator Sandal with thin leather straps running across the foot in parallel lines. The Iconic Gladiator Sandal is a fan favourite among men due to its clean aesthetic symmetry. Evolved from the ancient Roman style, multiple leather bands tied like shoe laces above the foot, the modern version is more simplified with its slip on/off application.

Definitely the simplest design of all the men’s strap sandals on this list, it is clear that this leather shoe is much easier to dress with little room for error. The favourite look for this men’s Iconic fashion sandal is pairing it with a pencil cut trouser and printed short-sleeve button-up shirt. Ideal for any daywear fashion occasion, you can wear this outfit to brunch with a friend at a restaurant or to the nearest lake for a picnic and enjoy feeling as free as a Bohemian.

4. The Loop Toe Gladiator


The more intricate loop toe Gladiator sandal for men has many variations in style. As suggested by the name you can identify this men’s Roman summer sandal with a loop around the big toe leaving the other toes open while creating asymmetric diagonal leather strap lines over the feet. Some are minimal with a single strap, but most commonly you’ll find multiple straps that overlap each other in a crisscross formation. The aesthetic detail of the men’s loop toe Gladiator sandal compliments the foot in movement with excellent grip and can be considered a very comfortable summer shoe.

Just like the Iconic Gladiator, the loop toe summer sandals can be worn with most streetwear fashion attire and is quite versatile when switching between casual and formal-casual outfits. The K+N favourite, is a men’s brown leather loop toe Roman sandal paired with an olive-grey pipe-cut trouser, olive-green crewnek tee and a military inspired cargo camo-printed jacket. Wear this outfit out and about for a trendy camo look.

5. The Loop Toe Ankle Boot Gladiator – Alternative


As the name suggests, the men’s Loop Toe Ankle Boot Gladiator Sandal is a clear hybrid between the loop toe gladiator sandal and ankle top leather boot. Very alternative, this detailed open toe shoe gives any adventurous and daring fashionable man enough room to play with avant-garde fashion pieces to create a unique outfit.

The K+N favourite is a hooded Urban Samurai Sport inspired onepiece with off-sleeves and deep v-neck. This alternative streetwear outfit is an acquire taste and won’t necessarily appeal to every man, but it can be mixed and matched with your favourite urban, apocalyptic, samurai and goth fashion pieces.

Concluding Gladiator Sandals for Men.

There are so many men’s all leather Gladiator sandals to choose from that we couldn’t cover in this article. We hope you found this article useful because K+N try its best to find a variety of fashion pieces for men so we can showcase it here in one destination to hopefully make the process of shopping a little easier. We research the internet to find high-quality product that is fashion relevant, so you don’t have to.

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