The following list of Alternative fashion boots for men will definitely make you stand out above the crowd. K+N have carefully selected these 6 boot styles because we believe it fits the criteria for men’s alternative shoe fashion.

Watch as you turn heads while walking down the street with shoes that are designed to bring out your inner rock legend. These shoes will definitely demand attention and cannot be ignored. See it as a novelty gift to yourself to feed that inner child that so desperately wants to be different from everyone else. Strut your stuff in one of these epic shoes and you will most certainly ‘melt someone’s face off’.



1. The Black Studded Monk Boots

The Black Studded Monk Boots

Originally inspired by the 15th century Europe monk strap shoe. This modern Black studded monk boots is a definite must have to edge up your wardrobe. With the studded detailing and multi buckle appeal it will make any formal leather on leather outfit look fierce with a rock star edge. Alternatively wear these beauties with a black distressed skinny jean and blue denim jacket with a white tee, to create an indie grunge inspired casual street wear look. You’ll see how versatile this leather studded ankle boot really is.



Man in Leather suit - lace printed shirt




2. The Black Leather Flat Buckle Boots

The Black Leather Flat Buckle Boots

Another K+N favorite, the black flat multi buckle boot is a perfect leather accessory for any indie street wear outfit. Wear this shoe with a distressed denim on denim look and add a graphic tee and see how you turn heads when walking down your local shopping district with style. This shoe was made to emphasize confidence and add sex appeal to your wardrobe. You simply can’t go wrong with this edgy look.

Did you know? Men and women wore buckles on shoes for the first time between the 17th and 18th century. People were at first hesitant to wear shoe buckles because it was considered wierd to not have shoe laces. The buckles were made out of brass, steel and silver. And only with formal shoes were the buckles set with diamonds or other alternative jewel material.



Denim Jacket - Graphic tee - Distressed jean

black leather biker jacket - crew neck - black skinny jeans - boots




3. Belted Wringle Biker Boots

The Belted Wringle Biker Boots

A more rugged style, the brown leather belted wringle boot is for the manly man. Inspired by the biking community this rough leather fashion shoe definitely allows you to bring out your masculinity – oozing sex appeal and grit. Wear this fashion biker boot with a stone washed tapered or slim leg jean, white crew neck tee and brown sheerling leather jacket and you’ll definitely see the ladies queue to grab your attention. The wooden heel also compliments the brown leather look adding a more down to earth casual tone to your outfit.



brown sheerling jacket - stone washed slim denim - white crewneck

brown leather jacket - chambray button shirt - distressed skinny jeans




4. Black Elsinore Boots

The Black Elsinore Biker Boots

Inspired by the 70s motocross boots, it’s no wonder why the Elsinore protective boots are a fan favorite among the biking community. If you’ve been looking for a stylish mid calf biker boot that’s comfortable yet still serves it’s purpose for protection while riding your gorgeous motorbike, then Elsinore will definitely become your new best friend. With its fashion forward design, full grain leather uppers, hard plastic shin guards and steel shanked soles, this boot definitely proves to be solid and sturdy. The metal detailing certainly compliments a Mad Max biker inspired attire that works perfectly with a padded leather pant and quilted leather jacket. Allow yourself to fully embrace the raw biker look and stand above the crowd.



quilted leather jacket - leather tapered pants

leather biker jacket - post apocalypse biker




5. Army Chain Military Combat Boots

Army Chain Military Combat Boots

Inspired by the Army, the Military Chain Combat Boot certainly emphasizes a more Punk biker style with the silver chain and buckle detailing, while still referencing back to its military roots with the silver wing badge added. This steel toe boot has a bulky appeal giving it a strong masculine design bringing out your hard style punk rocker with confidence. Pair this shoe with a distressed black or blue jean and a studded leather jacket and you’re good to go. Of course a brightly coloured Mohawk and tattoos would be optional.

Did you know? Between the 1820s and the American Civil War, soldiers wore ankle-high boots that had no left or right shoe. Instead, the boots would form to the soldier’s feet with time.



leather biker jacket - belt buckle - black slim jeans

studded leather jacket - distressed light blue jeans




6. Snake Leather Spur and Chain Chelsea Boots

Snake Leather Spur and Chain Chelsea Boots

Similar to the Black monk studded boots listed at the top of this list, the Snake Leather Spur and Chain Chelsea boot will prove to be another favorite at K+N. The Chelsea still is and probably will remain one of the hottest shoe styles for men on the market. Countless Fashion influencers have paired their street wear looks with this shoe in different material versions. However, the snake skin Chelsea will certainly remain classic and prove to stand the test of time. This cowboy inspired shoe definitely compliments any slim fitted suit and can be worn with most colours. Wear it with a chic black suit and add a few silver accessories and you will be ready to walk the red carpet at the most prestigious celebrity events and achieve icon status.



black slimfit suit with satin trim - studded belt - black button up shirt

black embroidered slimfit suit - formal




Concluding Alternative Fashion Boots for Men…

Here at K+N we strive to always showcase the more interesting alternative fashion footwear. We are passionate about style that break away from the commercial trends that highlight different subcultures in the men’s fashion industry. We like to encourage men to dress themselves with confidence unafraid of being different. Men are allowed to wear risky clothing items and still look fashion forward.

Fashion is art and should be treated as such. Whatever item you choose to wear out in public should always portray your unique personality. We’ve seen on countless runways that anything goes in the fashion world, so you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing the latest trend. Rather, focus on wearing something different and new to you, and challenge your wardrobe so you can become a versatile fashionista.



What’s your favorite alternative boot style and what would you wear it with?

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