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Welcome to Knot + Nixx – Men’s Fashion & Shoe Variety.

Shop a variety of High quality shoe styles hand selected from the best men’s fashion brands in the industry, and wear it with your own desired street-wear and formal looks.

K + N wants you to be comfortable with your own individuality and help you build your wardrobe with a variety of shoe styles and how to compliment them with the best clothing items.  Complete your look for any occasion.

Fashion should be an extension of your personality that’s why we want to assist you.  Stay updated with trending fashion styles created to expand your wardrobe to help you stay relevant in the ever changing fashion scene and more importantly make you look good without fail.


Knot + Nixx’s main objective is to always make sure the best fashionable shoes are available in our store so we can cater for your shoe requirements in one location.  Making it easier to shop and save you time and effort.

We want to deliver shoes that are perfect for any occasion.  From formal to casual, office-wear to street-wear.  No matter the occasion we should have you covered.

We also focus on how to wear a certain shoe style in different ways so you can wear the same shoe style with a night- or day-wear look.  Making it a more versatile item and saving you money.

We make it our mission to stay on top of the current trends in the Men’s fashion market so we can give you the best relevant advice and a few tips and tricks on how you can transform your wardrobe into a more versatile couture. And how to build your look around the shoe style you’ve selected.  After all, your shoes will always be the foundation of your outfit.

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Marco Magenta

Founder & Owner